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What Is A Good Facial – And What Are Its Benefits?


Anti Aging Skin Care Kits The word “facial” calls to mind pleasant thoughts of a refreshing, relaxing treatment for the skin and muscles of the face. Many people have wanted to try a good facial, but have never taken advantage of that opportunity. You don’t have to go to a salon because you can give yourself a facial treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Most facials address repairing or rejuvenating the outward skin of the face. One of the purposes of this is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize the skin, or aid in removing blemishes, freckles or age spots. Facials are very effective for each of these areas. But it can do so much more by treating the underlying muscles of the face itself.

The aging process does not only affect the skin, but also causes the muscles to lose their own elasticity which is what causes skin to droop. Massaging facial muscles will strengthen them, improve their elasticity, and reduce stress and tension. People who suffer from both sinus and tension headaches often note significant improvements in both movement and reduction in pain. Sinus cavities lay right behind the lower forehead, and if the facial muscles are too tight it can put pressure on this area.

A proper facial can alleviate and address several ailments and problems that originate with the facial musculature and jawline. A proper and effective facial will involve the following:

1.   Evaluate. If you are going to a professional they will first look at your facial structure, skin tone and quality, and determine if you are suffering from any common ailments (such as tension headaches or dark circles, etc…) If you are going to give yourself a treatment then you need to carefully examine these things yourself, and grab a piece of paper and a pen and note down the areas that you want to pay the closest attention to.                                          

2.   Clean.  Before you being the facial treatment you will need to have your face cleaned.    There are many different kinds    of cleansers that we provide here on our website. Take a look at each of them to determine which one best suits your needs, whether it be for oily skin, dry skin, or just a typical face cleanser. Soap and water is not good because soap dries the skin and removes its elasticity. This means that if you went ahead with the facial treatment it wouldn’t improve your problem areas, it would only work to recover from the drying you had just caused for yourself.

3.   Steam.  This step is not always required, but it is a valuable option. If you have a steam machine or even a basic humidifier a steam treatment is a good way to begin because it opens your pores allowing toxins to be more easily removed. It also has the benefit of loosening any remaining dirt or oil that was not removed from step #2 (cleansing). Steam helps prepares your skin for the following steps in the facial treatment process.

4.   Exfoliate.  Now that your skin is ready, you should use an exfoliant – sometimes referred to as a “facial scrub” – to remove dead skin, and allow the healthy new skin underneath to get adequate oxygen. There are many different types of exfoliants, including facial scrubs that contain an abrasive agent, as well as chemical exfoliants containing citric or lactic acid, and other natural substances. At this stage, some men or women try different types of chemical peels. They can be helpful if you have some scars or blemishes that you’ve been unable to remove.

5.   Massage. At this point you are well prepared for a facial massage. You can do this yourself using certain essential oils or moisturizers. Facial toners can be used in this step, but they are better left for the end of the treatment. There’s nothing quite like a good facial massage by a trained professional. But if you can’t afford one you can find the right equipment through our website,

6.   Mask.  We offer a variety of facial masks to brighten, firm and/or tone your skin. After your massage a good facial mask is relaxing and healthy for your skin.

7.   Moisturize and Tone.     You’ve reached the final step. This is when you apply the appropriate moisturizers and toning agents. We have a large supply of excellent moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated and tight. Everyone needs a regular facial treatment. After a stressful workweek, or dad or mom caring for the home and kids, your skin has taken a beating and needs a facial treatment. We provide everything you need. Take time to explore our website, and if you have any questions we are more than happy to help you.  Contact us anytime through our “Contact” link. For more information and customer reviews and ratings of top rated facial skin care products, visit our site at



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